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Miaamor horoscope gift candle with jewellery, for horoscope lovers. Harmonize your home with this special candle and surprise yourself or your friends with this unique product.

The horoscope candles are made with the minerals of your particular horoscope and include one of three types of necklaces. The Aries horoscope hornet has two types of minerals found in the sign of Aries, which are the minerals of colored tourmaline and rock crystal.

Black tourmaline (bristle): protects against electromagnetic smog, radiation, spell curses and all kinds of negative energy. It is associated with the root chakra, grounding energy and increasing physical vitality, relieving tension and stress.

Blue tourmaline (indigolite): activates the throat chakra and the third eye, and encourages spiritual freedom and pure self-expression. It carries a ray of peace, dispelling sadness and blocked emotions. It teaches us to live in harmony with our environment.

Brown tourmaline (dravite): excellent for grounding, cleansing and opening the earth chakra. It cleanses the aura, aligns and protects the etheric body. Develops community spirit and social engagement.

Colourless tourmaline (acro): Synthesizes all other colours and opens the crown chakra. In healing, it aligns the meridians of the physical and etheric body.

Green tourmaline (verdelite): excellent healer and useful for visualization. It opens the heart chakra, develops tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging. This caring stone provides balance and joy of life.

Multi-coloured (elbait): it contains all colours, so that as a result it combines the spirit, body and soul into a unified whole. It is an excellent stone for creating images, promoting daydreaming, stimulating creativity and developing the imagination.

Red tourmaline (rubellite): strengthens the ability to understand love; develops diplomacy and flexibility, a friendly nature and extroversion; balances excessive aggressiveness and passivity. It heals and energises the sex chakra and increases creativity at all levels.

Watermelon Tourmaline: a super-activator of the heart chakra, it connects with the higher self and nurtures love, tenderness and friendship. It teaches patience and tact. It relieves depression and fear, promotes inner peace.

Yellow tourmaline: invigorates the solar chakra and increases personal power. It opens up spiritual pathways and supports spiritual activities and business.”

Rock crystal: the uncrowned king of all healing stones, it enhances the effects of all other stones. It has a balancing, calming effect on the soul. It is effective against mental fatigue. Aura cleansing, strengthening and protecting. The mountain crystal acts on all areas, healing, reducing inflammation and pain. It can be used for eyes, skin, joints, back, intestines, digestive system. Because it converts the negative vibrations of the body into positive ones, it is also recommended for use in cancer

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Hegyikristall, Tourmaline




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