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Miaamor horoscope gift candle with jewellery, for horoscope lovers. Harmonise your home with this special candle and wait with excitement until one of the wonderful necklaces emerges.

The horoscope candles are made with the minerals of your particular horoscope and include one of three types of necklaces. In the Gemini horoscope hornet there are two types of minerals found in the Gemini sign, which are aquamarine and howlite.

Aquamarine: Among the minerals, aquamarine is the stone of happiness, hope and long youth. In relationships it helps to process and resolve differences, ensuring that they are balanced. It also deepens trust in each other. Aquamarine provides clear vision, helping to regenerate tired and strained eyes. It regulates the functioning of the glands, useful in the treatment of thyroid problems. Strengthens the immune system.

Howlit: Howlit encourages self-direction in our lives, helping us to consciously control our actions. Thanks to its magnesium content, it relieves spasmodic headaches and calms the body. It has a fat-burning effect by speeding up the metabolism of fat in the body, making it an essential aid for dieters. It helps the absorption of magnesium, balances calcium levels in the body and is also excellent for use in cases of sickness


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Égési idő

45-50 hours


Aquamarine, Howlit




Horoscope necklace


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