Cancer – Cancer

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Miaamor horoscope gift candle with jewellery, for horoscope lovers. Harmonise your home with this special candle and wait with excitement for one of the wonderful necklaces to appear.

The horoscope candles are made with the minerals of your particular horoscope and include one of three types of necklaces. In the Cancer horoscope hornet two types of minerals are found which are the minerals of the Cancer sign are red aventurine and red agate.

Red aventurine: has a very strong calming effect, balances blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, gives a positive outlook on life. It has a soothing effect on skin inflammations and sunburn. It is an important stone of the heart-chakra according to the teachings of alternative medicine. It helps to release deep-seated anger, build self-confidence and boost enthusiasm. It helps to release deep-seated emotional blocks, which may be rooted in our childhood, so it can help us to let go of our fears.

Red agate: The most prominent of agate’s spiritual healing properties is its ability to help us overcome our fears. This striking stone gives hope and courage, helping us to find and develop new life plans. Agate absorbs negative energies, helps our spiritual development, enhances our connection to the collective consciousness. It protects and cleanses our aura.

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45-50 hours


Red agate, Red aventurine


Coffe, Green tea




Horoscope necklace


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