Amnojje Witch’s Altar-Guava soy wax candle

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Macskás Viki (Amnojje) x Miaamor

Every detail of the Witch’s Altar candle is personal to me – the sticker is me as a female figure, generated by AI from an image of me. The use of AI is not just a tool, it is an awareness of what is happening outside of us in the present world, and at the same time what is happening inside of us.

I also put a lot of symbols that are important to me on the stickers. Clearly, the representation of cats is not only a symbol of my name, but also a set of symbols of important people and events in my life. Many people don’t know, because I don’t say it much, but for some time now I’ve been exploring more spiritual themes: combining Tarot, Wiccan spell practice and psychology to find solace and guidance in my life. These are indicated by the presence of magical elements on the sticker, such as crystals, potions and celestial elements.

It is also the book a double symbol, representing not only my Wiccan studies, but also my lifelong learning, the end of my university studies (at least for now), and of course, my love of reading and future further studies.

When choosing the colours for the sticker, (colour) harmony was important to me, it reflects human vanity, but also self-love: take care of yourself inside and out.

When decorating the candle, we also focused on the soothing colour harmony of the minerals, as well as the meaning. amethysta symbol of peace, which I have already found in some areas of life, but I still have a long way to go, and the rock crystalwhich helps healing and spiritual progress. Together, the two biggest decorative elements are the candles, which can be taken out and carried after lighting. A kunzitea symbol of love, which I hope will accompany me on my adult journey, and with obsidianI use the obsidian as a symbol of protection, self-confidence and faith in myself.

The placement of the minerals and the decorative wax is also important, with two poles: the amethyst and the rock crystal combine the energies of yang, while the flower wax combines the energies of yin. They emphasise the importance of love, relationships and social relations. An important reminder that the wax melts when the candle is lit, it melts into the candle and may be lost in it, warning us not to lose our self, our integrity in the other person. But when it melts, it can become submerged and merged, absorbed, and forever part of the energies of yang. I leave the outcome to everyone’s own interpretation.

I chose the scent based on intuition and a sense of wellbeing, so along with that, the candle for me is an embodiment of change, active action and most of all hope.

Inside the candle is a gift, true to Miaamor, which is none other than a selection of rings chosen by Amnojje.

Once the wax has melted, it will sparkle with beautiful sparkles. I achieved the shimmering effect with natural mineral colouring. All the ingredients I use for the candles are natural and vegan.

Each time you light a candle, let the candle burn until the soy wax has melted from rim to rim. This can take 1-3 hours depending on the diameter.

Don’t leave the candle unattended!



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40 hours


Amethyst, Amethyst, Kunzit, Obsidian, Rock crystal




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