Bergamot Flash-Bergamot soy wax candle


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When you light this soy wax double wooden wick candle, the fresh and vibrant scent of bergamot fills the room. This citrusy fragrance will refresh the soul and fill the room with positive energy. Bergamot essential oil stimulates the body as well as the mind. It uplifts mood, relieves stress and promotes concentration, while having a calming effect on the nervous system. This candle is the perfect choice if you are looking for some refreshment, relaxation and calm. Turquoise howlite is a stone of balance and calm, helping to release tension and negative energies. This helps you to meditate and achieve inner harmony. The amazonite is a stone of self-actualization and emotional stability, which helps to strengthen self-confidence and promotes loving communication.

I made the candle with 100% pure bergamot essential oil, which smells like a cross between bitter orange and lemon. I could compare it to the smell of Earl grey tea.

40 hours of happiness in a bottle.

Once melted, the wax will sparkle with beautiful sparkles. I achieved the shimmering effect with natural mineral colouring. All the ingredients I use for the candles are natural and vegan.

Each time you light a candle, let the candle burn until the soy wax has melted from rim to rim. This can take 1-3 hours depending on the diameter.

Don’t leave the candle unattended!

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40 hours


Amazonit, Turquoise Howlite




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