Eco-friendly and vegan products.

Free of toluene and benzene

Unlike paraffin, soy wax does not emit any harmful substances.

Free of animal testing

We work exclusively with animal-free ingredients.

Environmentally friendly

All the ingredients used are vegan and environmentally friendly, and the packaging and sealant used to make the candles are fully biodegradable.

100% Vegan


Our latest products

Monthly limited candle

Only available this season

You can still get your hands on this limited edition wonder!


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A guarantee of quality and a gift

We guarantee the quality and the gift inside the candle. If the fire damages it, we will refund the price of the product. (No 1 victim out of 1000+ products sold so far)

Guarantee for the smell

If you don't like the scent, return the package and choose another candle or ask for a refund.

Free delivery

Free home delivery over 20.000Ft

Lots and lots of lovingly made handcrafted products.