Pure love manifest


Love attraction candle with rose quartz and citrine minerals.

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While making the candle, music was played at 528Hz, which helps to attract love. I recommend that you also switch on one of these frequencies during the burning, so that you can go deeper into your thoughts and open the door to finding love. The candle is made with a double wick, so that one flame embodies you and the other flame embodies the person you want to attract.

The hornbeam is found in rose quartz, one of the most powerful love/love minerals. The heart chakra crystal works on self-love and self-acceptance, an essential mineral for a healthy love relationship based on pure love. Attract love and affection in our lives, enhanced by citrine.

Citrine One of the 12 master crystals, citrine is a very powerful protective stone. It cleanses and protects our aura, energizes the whole body and soul. Both minerals reinforce each other’s effects, so they work together to produce a powerful effect. The flame of the candle is cleansing and helps you to find love while fully attuned to the manifestation.

How do we manifest our soulmate, what questions do we ask ourselves?

Ask yourself the following questions, formulate them precisely and write the answers on a sheet of paper.

-What kind of person do you need, what kind of person do you want to attract?

-What are your interests? What are its characteristics? What do you like to do? What is your hobby? What is your job? How are you performing in these areas?

-What will your relationship be like? What will your life be like after you know Him? What will your everyday life be like?

Also, if you can think of any other questions that are important to you, please be sure to write them down. Every day when you light the candle, read the foundation on which you have written this information and live the moment as if it had already happened. Live your life having found your love. Visualise what you have written down on paper. Imagine the whole thing as if you already know the person you want to engage, in great detail.

I wish you a successful manifestation!

How to burn a candle correctly?

First, light the wooden wick on fire, then wait until the soy wax is sufficiently melted from rim to rim (this will take 1-3 hours, depending on the diameter). This is important to avoid the formation of a memory tunnel, which inhibits combustion. Once you have extinguished the candle and the wax has solidified, cut back the wooden wick for the best burn.

Why choose Miaamor?

-We guarantee quality.

-Crafted with lots and lots of love.

-It is made using only natural ingredients.

-Flame candle, makes a crackling crackling sound when burning, mood creating.

-Much longer burn time than paraffin candles.

-We also recommend it for environmentally conscious homes, as all ingredients and packaging are biodegradable and natural.

Advantage of soy wax

-Made from the natural oil of soybeans

-2x more burn time than paraffin

-If it spills on your carpet or clothes, it can be easily removed with warm water. It won’t stick to any fabric.:)

Additional information

Égési idő

20-25 hours


Citrine, Rose Quartz


Smoky vanilla and cherry




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