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Long ago, in a distant land where magic and fairytale creatures were commonplace, there lived a mysterious person called Sasuke. The village was famous for its colourful green tea and special vegan soy wax candles that spread a magical fragrance

One day, Sasuke was inspired to create a very special piece as he sipped his green tea and watched the flames of the fireplace dance before his eyes. He decided to create a candle inside which he would be the greatest hero of the magical world around him. That’s how the unique Naruto kitten character candle was born.

The top of the candle was surrounded by natural quartz geode, red aventurine and amethyst marocco, which embodied the power of nature. These stones also radiated protection and positive energy around the candle.

As dusk fell and the colours came into play, Sasuke lit his special green tea candle. Immediately, the smell of green tea spread through the area, charming people with its slightly sweet notes. As the candle slowly melted, the inside of the kitten gradually emerged, and a Naruto character emerged, in kitten form, like a soul freed from a magical dream.

The Naruto kitten’s eyes sparkled with a deep blue glow, and every moment his imaginary world came alive. He invited the villagers on a magical adventure, and together they discovered the mysteries of the enchanted forest and faced dangerous monsters.

The candle’s flaming light created a cosy atmosphere and embraced the residents with the warmth of their homes. The energies carried by quartz geode, red aventurine and amethyst have helped people to draw new strength from the challenges of everyday life.

Sasuke took pleasure in bringing happiness to people’s lives through his wonderful creation. With the help of the Naruto cat, people have realised their inner courage and made their dreams come true. They were all grateful to Sasuke, who had given them the most special candle.

Once melted, the wax will sparkle with beautiful sparkles. I achieved the shimmering effect with natural mineral colouring. All the ingredients I use for the candles are natural and vegan.

Each time you light a candle, let the candle burn until the soy wax has melted from rim to rim. This can take 1-3 hours depending on the diameter.

Don’t leave the candle unattended!

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Iconic naruto character kitten

Égési idő

60 hours


Amethyst, Obsidian, Raw quartz, Rock crystal


Green tea


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