Naruto soy wax candle with gift inside


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A long time ago, in a remote Japanese village, where the magic of nature reigned supreme, a special masterpiece was hidden from the eyes of the people. This masterpiece was a place of real magic, where magical candles were created.

For centuries, the village craftsmen have worked with the highest quality materials and perfected their craft. One day, as the sun and moon shone together in the sky, they were commissioned to make a new candle in the ancient workshop.

The task was not easy, but the craftsmen set to work with enthusiasm. First, they used selected soy wax, created by the embracing arms of nature. The scent of blueberries and blackberries wafting among the bushes in bloom in the village was blended into a unique elegance. That’s how the Naruto Blueberry and Blackberry Scented Vegan Soy Wax Candle was born, and everyone was enchanted by its scent.

But what made this candle really special was the hidden secret that few people knew. Hidden inside the candle was an iconic Naruto character in the form of a tiny kitten, who has become a symbol of love and friendship for the people of the village. As the wax slowly melted and the kitten emerged in the soft light, everyone’s heart was pounding with wonder.

The top of the candle is crowned with natural treasures. A pure quartz geode shone in the sky, symbolising the purity and wisdom of the people. Aventurine, which brought luck and happiness, enhanced the magical power of the candle. And the amethyst marlstone exuded calm and inner harmony as the fragrant smoke drifted across the sky.

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Iconic naruto character kitten

Égési idő

60 hours


., Amethyst, Raw quartz, Rock crystal


Blackberries, Blueberries


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