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The Miaamor Cotton candy mistery candle will be a sweet tooth’s favourite, as the cotton candy scented candles are enhanced with bubble gum scented clouds and stars or shells . Its special feature, as you may have already known, is that it has a gift inside. As the name suggests, you’re in for a surprise inside the candle, as there’s no way of knowing which pendant it’s hiding. The top of the candle is decorated with howlite minerals, the brief meaning of which I will describe in the following few lines. Light it, enjoy the smell and the energy it gives off, and at the end, surprise yourself with the gift!:)


Howlit encourages self-direction in our lives, helping us to consciously control our actions. Thanks to its magnesium content, it relieves crampy headaches and calms the body. It has a fat-burning effect by speeding up the metabolism of fat in the body, making it an essential aid for dieters. It helps the absorption of magnesium, balances calcium levels in the body and is also excellent for use in cases of sickness.

How to pick out your gift?

Step 1: Light the candle

Step 2: Wait until the gift appears.

Step 3: Carefully remove with tweezers when the wax has melted sufficiently.

How to burn a candle correctly?

First, light the wooden wick, then wait until the soy wax is sufficiently melted from rim to rim (this will take 1-3 hours, depending on the diameter). This is important to avoid the formation of a memory tunnel, which inhibits combustion. Once you have extinguished the candle and the wax has solidified, cut back the wooden wick for the best burn.

Why choose Miaamor?

-We guarantee quality.

-Crafted with lots and lots of love.

-It is made using only natural ingredients.

-Flame candle, makes a crackling crackling sound when burning, mood creating.

-A gift inside the candle inside the soya wax, which is guaranteed in case of accidental fire damage.

-Much longer burn time than paraffin candles.

-We also recommend it for environmentally conscious homes, as all ingredients and packaging are biodegradable and natural.

Advantage of soy wax

-Made from the natural oil of soybeans

-2x more burn time than paraffin

-If it spills on your carpet or clothes, it can be easily removed with warm water. It won’t stick to any fabric.:)

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20-25 hours




Chewing gum/Bubblegum, Cotton candy




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